Thanks to this feature, your customers can schedule an appointment at your business(es). Click  on the “Add Pages” section to add the feature to your app:

Social Sharing function

The Social Sharing function allows you to share info about your app with your customers, contacts and friends, via your social networks or messages applications. To enable the function for a feature, you just need to switch the Social Sharing button in this feature. For example, here in Catalog feature: : […]

Contest – Social Gaming

With the Social Gaming feature, business owners will be able to increase the purchasing frequency of their clients by giving them their ranking based on their loyalty. This feature is working only if a loyalty card is integrated in the application. The more a user gets loyalty points, the higher […]

Contact page

This feature allows you to create a contact page for your business. To add this feature to your app, click on  in the “Add Pages” section. Here is what it looks like in the app:

Custom Page

Tiger gives you a wide choice of features to put your products and activity forward. Custom page allows you to enlighten your business by numerous ways. You can write an article with a picture or not, you can publish a photo gallery, you can publish a video directly on this […]


With Tiger you’ll be able to integrate videos from Youtube galleries, Podcast and Vimeo. If you want to integrate a business video gallery, the best is, if not already done, to create a Youtube or Vimeo channel in which you’ll upload all the business’s videos. You can also create a […]


This feature allows you to create image galleries. You’ve got five options: from Instagram from Flickr with your own photos First of all, check that you have created and filled all the corresponding API keys :

RSS Feeds

This feature allows you to integrate feeds from blogs or news websites either from the business for which you’re creating the application or other sources in relation with the business or both. You can create as many feeds as you want. Here is how it works: It doesn’t matter if you […]

Set Meal (Menu)

Here is the feature for creating menus or bundles for a business. You’ll be able to create as many menus as you want. Here is what it looks like: “Title”: for example: “Kid’s menu” or “Brunch”. “Price”: This field isn’t mandatory, as you can enter the price in the menu description, but […]