To be sure your app will be published

To be sure your app will be validated by Apple you have some things to know (for Android’s Google Play there is no validation, so it’s more easy): All your pages have to be filled out with content. Please be sure you have no empty pages. If you have a […]

Stuff needed to create my business with Tiger

If you are an agency,  a freelance developer, or any other type of reseller wishing to utilize Tiger to create and sell applications, you must: Provide an administration panel for your clients (other than  Create access for them on this administration panel Provide them with the media that enables […]

Stuff you need to publish an app

Before publishing a mobile app you need : An IOS (Iphone&Ipad) and Google Play (Android) developer account: it’s an account asked by Stores to publish your apps. They respectively cost $99/year and $25. With these accounts you’ll be able to publish as many applications as you want, you won’t have […]

How Tiger works?

We are going to show you how Tigerappcreator works and go through the entire process of creating an application. Once you’re registered, you will access this page:     You can either start by creating an application or, if you are a reseller, creating your white label administration interface. A […]