Stuff you need from a business to create its mobile app

Before creating a mobile app you need some stuff either you’re a business owner or a reseller who creates an app for your client.

Here are the things you’ll need :

  • business logo (for either the app icon or some features). Try to get it in large size.
  • business colors, and the best thing to have is color’s hexadecimal code (like “ffffff” for white)
  • business contact details (adress, email and phone number)

And depending on which features you’re going to use :

  • pictures with name and description if needed
  • videos already uploaded on Youtube (so you just need the links, or, better, the name of the business channel on Youtube)
  • links of rss feeds (or just the website from which our app engine will extract the rss)
  • a first news for the news feature (with a picture ideally)
  • one discount minimum (for coupon feature), with : a discount title (like “one free coffee”), discount description (like “among small and medium coffee”), discount conditions (like “available for a $10 order”)
  • for loyalty feature : a reward, the number of points needed to obtain the reward, conditions to get one point (like “one point = a family menu purchase”)
  • Social gaming : the duration of the game, a week or a month (we recommend a month for the first one)
  • menus and products : don’t forget categories too, and ideally product pictures

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